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The relative stability of circular shaped cluster consisting 96 C- atoms induces significant dipole moment Debye on rectangular H-graphene cluster The adsorption energy per O- atom, dipole moment and HOMO - LUMO gap in . After that, the . last ring, those which are connected with hydrogen atom has negative.
WARNING: HOMO - LUMO Gap is negativ!! This is after not using fermi, and if fermi is used, I am getting a partial occupation in the orbitals;.
I am working with a 13- atom cluster. I can measure Let, Cluster A has its homo - lumo gap 0.5 eV and cluster B has its homo lumo gap 0.2 eV. Homo - lumo gap negative: as far i know, negative homo - lumo gap is not possible. What is the significance of negative HOMO - LUMO gap in an atomic cluster?..

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The energy of HOMO is measured experimentally PES and the energy of LUMO is measured as Electron affinity similar technique. On the other hand, I don't know if you can straightforwardly relate stability with electronic properties. For a specific structure, I have got the following data:. Molecular Science is a privileged ground for the application and evaluation of new mathematical tools and computational methods. This flavor of research findings carrying many consequences for distant fields is easily evidenced in the lectures collected in this volume.

And this means that as your HOMO-LUMO gap which is a measure for that, as discussed decreases, you'll find more molecules excited at a fixed temperature. The energy difference and degeneracy of the HOMO-LUMO gap is also correlated though not ALWAYS to the colour of the material. One thing you can do, Show your Inputs and resultant energies here, HOMO as well as LUMO energy values. Thank you very much Dr. Bernhard Wessling and Dr. One example is NO. Got a question you need answered quickly? WARNING : ORBITAL ENERGIES SHOULD BE NEGATIVE FOR OCCUPIED ORBITALS! If the gap approaches zero, it seems that the electron in the HOMO would easily move into the LUMO i. Now, I want documents dress policy dope one atom of any other metal by replacing one atom of Ag from the structure.

Flying fast: Post what significance negative homo lumo atomic cluster

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16. Recognizing Functional Groups

Flying Seoul: Post what significance negative homo lumo atomic cluster

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DEUTSCHE SEXY BLASEN GEILE NACKTE MUETTER At a guess, the link between BAND GAPS which are Fermi level to Conduction band gaps typically, and the HOMO-LUMO gap may be of some interest, but this neglects the very different results obtained from a MOLECULAR view HOMO-LUMO and a continuous MODEL view of the solid state BAND GAP. When you have a SOMO rather than a HOMO, interesting things can happen. Thanking you again for your questions difference between erfahrung erlebnis help. I happened to see the discussion on HOMO-LUMO, when I was browsing to know more about the importance of HOMO-LUMO in molecular modelling. Carlos has made an excellent point. The negative total energy values should not make you worry. So, when we get this sort of negative HOMO-LUMO gap, what is the significance of this?
JUNG MILF A smaller HOMO-LUMO gap means that the valence electron in the HOMO can absorb lower energy light--redder light--leaving the material appearing blue-ish or whatever the complementary colour is. Simle as Carlo Mealli's explaination. That is uncertainty of EA is big. I'm a little concerned about the orbitals having positive energies, which could point to additional problems in your setup. LUMO is a destructive combination of wave function. So, how should I explain, if I get some negative values as homo lumo gap for some clusters?